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Andre Martinez

A proud member of EVOO1, Andre has been one of the technical, behind the scenes team since 2010. He was an original re-developer of the web networks and continually assists in their maintenance. Twice a week he manages ClubEVOO.com, a blog site dedicated to Extra Virgin Olive Oil information sharing. Including recipes, domestic uses and a few small shops that have products related to Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

He joined the team with interests in the modern approach that EVOO1 uses to reach potential customers and food enthusiast. He has become an Olive Oil enthusiast himself in the process and has now taken a personal interest in Asti's Causes. Currently supporting Women in Media, Children's Causes, Environmental Awareness and Animal Conservation.

"I was delighted to hear that not only was EVOO1 going to be selling some of the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil but now Proceeds from those sales will go to Causes that impact our futures" - Andre Martinez

Having lived in California all his life, Andre has an adoration for Coastal Preservation and the Protection of Marine Wild Life. He has participated, in his free time, in beach clean ups, volunteer activities at Visitor Centers near public water accesses and supports California Aquariums, Zoos and Museum Foundations.

"When I found out we were going to do benefits for endangered species I was very excited. It's great to be apart of something I enjoy and at the same time be making a difference to causes that are important to me." - Andre Martinez

Andre is always looking for the latest information about recipes, olive oil uses and keeping people informed about the updates on our websites. Now he is also looking for information about Asti's Causes to help bring awareness to anyone who would like to help make a difference.

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