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Shannon Packer

Shannon Packer is the Executive General Manager at EVOO1 Inc. with responsibility for executing daily functions of this company and affiliated companies such as; Accounting, HR, Customer Services, E-Commerce, Affiliate marketing and serves as the Right Hand to Company Owner Asti Benoit.

Prior to joining EVOO1 Inc. Shannon worked in Administration for Kalamata Food Purveyors Inc., and before that Retail Management for Mervyn’s LCC. Notable is her 5.5 years history of promotions at Mervyn’s, where she advanced in positions including Customer Service Representative, Merchandising Specialist, Department Supervisor, to Assistant Store Manager in short amounts of time. Under Shannon’s 2.5 years of leadership in Management of the Children’s Department (a $10K department), sales improved by 3% or greater monthly. After leaving Mervyns’ she began work as an Office Clerk filing for Kalamata Food Purveyors, Shannon used her natural leadership potential to accomplish more than required of her and moved into management position of the small family owned corpration within a year.

In her current role, Shannon assists a team of three other individuals to redevelop products to engage the market place with the focus to raise support and awareness to various causes. From Volunteerism, to helping bringing awareness of Endangered Species to consumers and contributing to causes fighting against child abuse and domestic violence. EVOO1 Inc. allows Shannon’s express her creativity in fields she is familiar with while giving back to causes that are dear to her. Shannon utilizes her previous management experiences to unify team to work productively toward the company’s ideals and an expansion of their brand through social media and networking.

Shannon’s greatest strengths are her commitment and dedication. She enjoys a challenge, particularly coming up with and implementing initiatives to produce exceptional results for her company as well as the causes she assists contributions to. She joins the EVOO1 Inc. with strong determination to successfully create private labels of Imported Extra Virgin Olive Oils with her team, resulting in contributed funding to charitable causes with emphasis on giving to children abuse and domestic violence awareness causes, as well as endangered species causes aimed at reducing the risk of extinction of vital natural species and other causes important to her and EVOO1, Inc.

Shannon gained her knowledge through work experience after obtaining a High School Diploma at San Lorenzo High School in San Lorenzo, California in 2003. Shannon currently resides in Castro Valley, California, surrounded by business professionals, and many friends. When not working, Shannon likes to be active outdoors, and enjoy the companionship of friends and family.

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